15 things I’ve contemplated writing about but haven’t.

IMG_4785I’ve been in a slump.  I haven’t been able to write a decent post this last couple of weeks to save my life.  Lots of thoughts but I haven’t been able to get anything down. So, in no particular order, here are fifteen things that I have contemplated writing about but haven’t.

1. Sunrises in Colorado this time of year which are downright breathtaking.  (Clone the other day when he saw one out the back windows before school said “That’s some Lion King looking stuff going on out there.)

2. All that I’ve learned about supplements that can help with bruising.  I was going to call the post “Tips for my Bruising Bedfellows.”  (Since I get a new bruise every fifteen minutes.  Oh, and Arnica rocks.)

3.  The news on my Rice Krispy knees. (Doc says it’s arthritis in my knees which is common and the sound probably wont’ ever go away (YUK) but some exercising and supplements might help.)

4. The wild weather extremes we’ve had in Colorado with fires and flooding.  (Good thing global warming is totally a hoax.)

5. How much I have learned about ADD  these last few weeks and how brains in people with ADD are wired completely differently. (Found some experts and it has been eye opening. Oh, and it’s very genetic.)

6. My growing desire to quit my marketing career and work at the Container Store. (For real.  My gig is sucking the life out of me molecule by molecule.  I’m over it.)container

7. My new book idea about 25 Suburban Women I Want to Punch in the Face. (The Container Store would actually be a great place for gathering book material now that I think about it.)

8. How weird this weekend is going to be for me.  (Sunday is mom’s birthday and anniversary of my sister’s death (same day – yes that’s messed up)_ and the Alzheimer’s Walk is this weekend too.  It will be the type of weekend when I go from laughing hysterically to crying hysterically at the drop of a hat and frighten onlookers unaware of my tendencies.)


9. The strangeness of celebrating my Mother’s birthday with her when she has no idea who I am, much less that it’s her birthday.   (Don’t make me go.  *&^%#@!! Ugh.)

Cake 01

10. The fact that  I’ve been eating and drinking much better (most days) since I started working with a personal trainer. (We’ll see how much longer I can afford her but I’m starting to really notice a difference.  Luckily I hear Container Store pays well.)

11. How cool my new, free to-do app called Wunderlist is.  (It’s free and it saves me from rewriting all my lists 200 times a day.  Probably an ADD tendency.)

12. The intense waves of homesickness I still get sometimes even though I’ve lived away almost ten years. (Not sure that ever goes away completely.)

13. How weird women are. (Except for me of course.)

14. How bizarre it feels to have to kids in high school and to not be needed to drive them to and from school.  (Is there such a thing as post-middle school depression?)

15. How Steno pads and kitchen scissors scissorremind me of my Mom.  (And will probably randomly make me cry this weekend because they’ll make me think of my Mom, which will then make me think of my sister and how much I wish she could go visit Mom with me on Sunday.)

That’s all for now folks.

Happy Hump Day.

27 thoughts on “15 things I’ve contemplated writing about but haven’t.

  1. Your book idea sounds awesome. If your job is energy and soul sucking, go work in the Container Store. You’ll have more time and energy for your awesome book. And I understand about your mom and her birthday. But just being there has to be meaningful in a spiritual way–and that’s good enough for the both of you. Your angels are with you…

  2. This is the first post that I’ve read from your blog and I can’t wait to read more. You write with such raw emotion and sarcasm – can’t wait to read more! I wish you the best this weekend. You’re one hell of a strong woman.

  3. #8 How strong are you! You are BRAVE! Go and DO THAT… You’ve got this.

    #9 makes me sad. I cannot imagine my mother not knowing who I am. Hugs to you.

    #12 I’m right here with you on this one…19 hours from 3 siblings and both parents is a living hell.

    Your writing…it’s coming. Buy tissues, put that on your list. Blessings.

  4. What you didn’t write made a great post. Gotta love a paradox. And that crack by the Clone is a beauty. I’ll be thinking of you this weekend.

  5. It sounds like you know that powerful emotions will come up this weekend and I’m sure you’re right. Be kind to yourself. I find that the anticipation of something hard is sometimes worse than the actual event. Or that I wake up 1 morning, totally unaware that I’m going to experience something so difficult and profound, that it’s a good thing I didn’t know about it ahead of time! Life can be a roller coaster. But you’re showing your love to all of your family, and taking care of yourself. Give yourself credit. The writing will come. Trust in that.

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