Snap. Crackle. Crap.

ImageSo I’ve gone to a personal trainer (I shall call her Firey Ginger) for two weeks now.  Twice last week, twice this week.  This is huge.  She’s been making me actually sweat and breathe heavily and work muscles that my body had almost forgotten how to use.

She is a cute, firey redhead who looks like she could kick my arse in a New York minute if I pissed her off.  And her tattoos make it even more believable.  Which is a good thing since i have the self discipline of Monkey Dog eyeing a slab of bacon.

So I’m feeling better about myself, eating fewer BBQ Lays and even trying to drink more water. (Now I understand how drinking more water helps you feel full.  Took me 30 years to believe that fact.  Better late than never.)

I’m even trying to be more aware of how many calories are in a glass of Chardonnay.  And I’ve realized the grapes really don’t count as fruits.    The potatoes in vodka aren’t veggies either.  For real.

Life is good, I’m feeling good, I’m on a roll.  (Insert sound of stopped record.)

So Firey Ginger says to me yesterday as I’m doing squats, “You know, you might want to have those knees checked out by a doctor or something.  Just in case. They’re pretty loud.”

Crap.  I’ve been noticing how much noise my  knees have been making but hadn’t stopped to realize that the hideous crunching noises have most likely increased since I’ve been working my tail off for an hour at a time with Firey Ginger.  Or it may be because I’m actually doing something physical and my body is in shock.  Either way, ick.

I came home and started doing enough research online to freak myself out.

Several references to crunchy knees had people comparing the sound to Rice Crispies.  Nice.

It seems that I have crepitus, which probably means I’ve lost some cartilage and now things are rubbing together the wrong way.  Could be caused by osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritus, or patellar dysfunction which means my kneecap doesn’t track properly.

Or my legs are going to fall off.  Or something like that.

Either way now I can’t stop hyper-focusing on the sound they make when I go up and down my stairs.  Luckily it doesn’t hurt.  FOR NOW….. BEWARE… all the websites say.  Lovely.

Apparently it’s important to have this checked out so that I do not injure my knees by doing the wrong exercises.

So I have a doctor’s appointment to have my Rice Crispy situation looked at later today.

I’ll bring along a little carton of milk and a spoon, just in case.

More on this at a later date.

Happy Friday.

21 thoughts on “Snap. Crackle. Crap.

  1. Sorry to hear about the knees. I keep reading that being more disciplined about what you put in your mouth is more important than working your body like a crazy person at the gym. Yes, you have to keep fit, but walking and a more gentle approach is often the better, more sustainable way to go if health and longevity and is your goal.

  2. You may also want to look into seeing an MAT (Muscle Activation Techniques) specialist. It has done wonders for me and my father (bad sciatic pain) and several friends, many of whom were facing surgery and then didn’t have to w/ MAT. It’s very complementary w/ chiropractic as well. If it’s good enough for Payton Manning, it’s good enough for me. 🙂

  3. Everything crackles and crunches on me. At first I freaked. Then I went to a chiro because I couldn’t stand the thought of an operation. Now, I freak when things don’t crack. I’d go to a chiropractor and a doctor then decide what to do next. And, find another trainer or do pilates. I hope you feel better!!!!

  4. I’m devastated about the grapes and potatoes. Next you’ll probably drop the bombshell that barley, hops, rye, and corn lose their nutritional value when fermented and/or distilled. One way to make the knee noise go away is wear ear plugs. That fiery redhead sounds like a slave driver. Is the gal you wanted to punch still showing up at the workouts?

  5. If your Rice Crispies knees need a rest or a reroute from squats, there is always swimming, says Hydro, who is thrilled to know you are now quaffing the magic elixir.

    • Thanks so much. Turns out it’s somewhat normal arthritis of the knees which hopefully some PT and exercises and stretches should help. The Rice Krispie sounds may be with me forevermore though.

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