Knock, Knock.

Not sure why I love doors so much, but I love to snap pictures of them.  The more worn the door, the better the picture and the story.   And most of my favorite door pics are from Europe, where it would seem that doors are taken less for granted as the works of art that they are.

So while I continue to look for the doorway that leads me out of my writer’s block, enjoy some of my favorite door pics, these all from Italy and Spain.

yes another madrid door
door madrid door spain doors more OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA madrid door more madrid door action OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Sausage Breakfast Casserole spain door span door spanish door baby

8 thoughts on “Knock, Knock.

  1. hi lifeonwry, I hope this finds you doing well. I miss your posts! I have awarded you with the Dragon’s Loyalty Award! If you want to accept, see my latest post for details. I would so love to see you post again! As I’m sure others would too. Many blessings, Linda

  2. I hope you are well… I know how time can get away from me quickly… I remember reading about the doors and I must’ve forgotten o leave a comment or ‘like’ I apologize for lapse in netiqette please accept my apology. Doors are wonderful and they can be metaphors for opportunities, or they can simply be doors.. it’s all in your imagination and perspective. Take care and keep opening doors…Clay

  3. I have an art door painted by my sister. I will send you a photo of it. It’s painted in the spirit of my 1959 ranchburger. Enjoyed your photo tour of ancient portals.

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