Code Blue: Gratitude Withdrawal! (Next Challenge is ON, Baby.)

As the holidays approach, I’m embarrassed to admit that this week has been entirely sucky. I’ve felt overwhelmed by life in general, by my only-child parent care-taking guilt and worries, my kid obligations and stress, and my work, which continues to dramatically uninspire me as I cram on deadlines until midnight only to write more editions of corporate gruel.  And the fact that I already received my first Christmas card in the mail a few days ago – WHILE IT’S STILL NOVEMBER FOR GOD’S SAKE, PEOPLE – sure as hell didn’t  help. (No, it wasn’t a Thanksgiving card, which would have been fine. Doesn’t everyone know that most citizens ceremoniously TORCH cards that come that early in November only to stress us the hell out about how behind we are?)

I seriously think the main reason for my crappy mindset this past week is due to my lack of gratitude blogging, which I had been doing religiously for 100 days.  I should have been celebrating this 100-day success all week, but instead I was busy being irritated and overwhelmed by everyone and everything.  I think the diagnosis is full-on gratitude withdrawal. Either that or everyone and everything is getting on my nerves on purpose, which you never know.

So here’s the deal:  My next challenge will be to blog about Grasping for Gratitude – One Day at a Time –  for a minimum of three days per week for as long as I feel like it. But I can’t stop until I proclaim another challenge (that way the procrastinator beast within me is held somewhat accountable).

Thank God I took exercise out of this next challenge.  I am grateful for my openness to try it and for my ability to see that it wasn’t going to fly. I really don’t need anything else to feel guilty about.  So let’s pretend like that never happened. (I’ll exercise anyway as much as I can, but it won’t be part of my blog.)

This Grasping for Gratitude idea will also be the focus of some other writing I am working on. I have talked to so many friends lately who have hard stuff (crap) going on in our lives right now — as we all do (if not now, then at some point).  And, frankly, the only way we’re going to make it to the other side of whatever we’re dealing with — without turning into resentful, grumpy or bitchy people — is by grasping for gratitude as if our life depends on it.  And I’m determined that when we make it to the other side (or onto our next chapter), we become stronger human beings who are more compassionate, more self-aware and more centered.  This is my goal.

So …  I’ll take a shot of gratitude, with a little salt and lime on the side.  This will help me get past the gaudy, overboard, unmatching lights that went up in my neighborhood several days BEFORE Thanksgiving (Bah Humbug) that make me insane.  (And that I find so particularly ironic considering I live in such a crunchy energy-conserving state.)  …. Along with many other things that make me nuts. (Thank goodness my friends and family enjoy nuts.)

Whew, I feel better.  Thanks for your patience with my little rant. And thanks – ever so much – for your support on this journey.

I challenge YOU to jot something down that you are grateful for every time you read one of my Grasping for Gratitude posts. Grab a notebook or pad of paper (nothing fancy – that’s just a procrastination technique), or start a running document on your computer’s desktop – and start a simple list of what you’re grateful for – one day at a time. You’ll thank me later.

What are you grateful for today?

16 thoughts on “Code Blue: Gratitude Withdrawal! (Next Challenge is ON, Baby.)

  1. I’m grateful for the smile you put on my face when I read about how annoyed you are to receive a xmas card in November! hehe. That really grates on my nerves too. And the reason you gave was exactly the reason this annoys me so much! Just to remind me of how far behind I really am for the holidays (already!!!!) Love the way you write. I will be checking out more of your posts. Thanks for following me.

    • Glad that you can relate! Those November over achievers make my heart race. Thanks for checking out my blog. Just tried to leave a comment on your ‘Robin in Daffodils’ on Flickr which I LOVE. But I am techno challenged and can’t keep up with my different accounts and figure out how to do it. Duh.

      • I’m not sure if you can comment on those pictures if you don’t have a flickr account. If it didn’t let you, that could by why. I’m glad you like the picture.

  2. I’m grateful for my life. With its ups and downs it’s been a glorious ride and will continue to be. Gratitude for the chance to grow and embrace life in a different way: with trust and love. ♥

  3. I haven’t been grateful for nearly enough, and I know it. I’ve been in a ‘dark’ place — whether from Holiday stress (loved your line about Christmas cards in November… WTF?!?!)… from hormone/chemical imbalances (always a possibility!) or just being lazy and refusing to acknowledge all of God’s many blessings! I suck!!

    So here goes– I’m grateful my husband works so hard to support his family and is always a source of laughter for us each day. I’m grateful my son’s health is no longer a daily/hourly source of panic (seizures… all gone). I’m grateful I have a beautiful home of which I can be proud. And I’m grateful for fantastic writers like you, who listen to that little voice within and pursue your passion for writing — you’re the best, and I thank you.

  4. I am grateful that there is no school today and I don’t have to rip my four year old out of bed and go and hang out in pre-k all morning.

    I was wondering what your next challenge would be and I am glad you picked up on the signs and it was revealed to you:)

  5. I’m thankful to read that you will continue writing a blog, thankful my son returned state side looking the healthiest he has ever looked, thankful that I will be a E Crestline Cr real housewife sooner than later (: and thankful that the holiday season does not stress me out – simply because i don’t really participate in the gift giving thing.

  6. Today I’m grateful for my maternity leave. I am grateful to you for that Christmas card in November line which made me laugh, I am grateful for having time to write early this morning and for the sound of my 3 month old’s peaceful breathing and for feeling his silky hair rub against my chin as he sleeps in his carrier. I am grateful for the anticipation of a family dinner,

  7. Today I am grateful for the six little girls across the street who have been leaving daily drawings in my mailbox. They are pictures of me (crazy hair) walking my dog (big tail). My fridge door is a Salon Magnifique!

  8. My daughter and I went to the mall today. We had a nice conversation over lunch and she didn’t completely annoy me while shopping for jeans!

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