New mantra for the moment. Forgiveness is half the battle. Gratitude Experiment: Day 89

I thought about not posting today.  About beating myself up for not exercising and posting twice as much tomorrow.

But I’m all about honesty.  And in my mind, what good is my blog if I’m not honest.

So, today I did not exercise. Certainly not in the sense of the planned out, well-executed 30 minutes of physical activity.

But I’m not sure if I sat down all day.

Lots of driving to and from today… and worrying in between.

To far-off emissions testing facilities– for my son’s car so that we can tag it– only to realize that they too are government offices and closed on Veteran’s Day. Lovely.

Answering work emails from my phone and crossing my fingers for a lack of typos. And making appointments for my Mom.

Lots of working on help for my oldest son who continues his battles with teenage life and angst. And driving him to and fro various appointments.

And his brother, the ever so patient one, to and fro his own activities and appointments, hoping his patience holds out.

Only to return late in the day, wiped. But grateful to be able embrace forgiveness of myself for not exercising, for not perfecting this whole life thing, and for just being.  And breathing.  And realizing that breathing is good.  Damn good.

What do you forgive yourself for?

8 thoughts on “New mantra for the moment. Forgiveness is half the battle. Gratitude Experiment: Day 89

  1. Sounds like you had a “first things first” kind of day — when nothing was willing to slide down the priority pole. So exercise did and that’s fine. I call it a good day in the Land of Wry.

  2. I forgave myself for having a good cry over something that has no relevance in my current life.. Dried the tears, got a cup of coffee and feel better..That reminds me, when does the exercise challenge start?

    • Test-run of the challenge started a couple days ago and I’ve already goofed. I think setting a three-day-a-week challenge makes more sense. Thanks so much for reading… Glad you are feeling better after a good cry.

  3. It sounds like you’re doing plenty without adding exercise to the equation! 🙂

    I forgive myself for not taking care of my muse sometimes. I forget to write down dreams and ideas because I just get too busy 😦

  4. Hmm…I’m forgiving myself for spending much of the evening writing and reading blogs, when I also had plans to exercise! However, there are other parts of ourselves to exercise. You took care of your heart by taking care of your family. I took care of my creative side!

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