Mantra. Gratitude Experiment: Day 88

 One of the blogs that I follow had a post a few weeks ago that asked readers about their personal mantra.

I’m the type of person that has quite a few mantras and favorite quotes, but I would say that I have one main mantra.  I started feeling very strongly about this one after I lost a few people dear to me within a few years and realized just how fleeting life could be:

Life is far too short to spend too much time doing things that don’t make you happy or being with people who don’t make you feel good.

That’s my deep thought for the day.

What’s your mantra?

P.S.: I walked around downtown this afternoon with a friend for 30 minutes for my exercise.  It was after brunch and mimosas, but let’s not let that spoil it.  My body was moving, after all.

Today, I’m grateful that my personal mantra has helped me realign my priorities a few times so far during my life, and that I have working feet and am able to walk without pain.  Something I certainly take for granted on a regular basis.

6 thoughts on “Mantra. Gratitude Experiment: Day 88

  1. I have a couple mantras that I repeat every morning on my way to work, but my favorite is “Universe, use me in any way that is needed today. Let me never forget that truth teaching is our reason for being”

  2. Hey, the friendship and the mimosas are exercise for your heart!

    BTW I seem to be running into variations of your personal mantra in my attempts to right my life in middle age (and it is righting in many ways). I think the gist is that there is simply not enough time to do everything, so you must do what matters most to you. That idea–your mantra–is what I’m putting into action. Thanks for a thoughtful post!

  3. Life IS too short. One thing I wish I could get through my kids’ heads is this simple fact, then maybe they wouldn’t fight with each other so much. Someday they will see what a waste it was. Anyway, I know it, and I live accordingly. Thanks for the reminder!

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