Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette. Gratitude Experiment: Day 67

This week’s WordPress photo challenge is Silhouette.

This photo was taken while driving to Steamboat as the sun was setting.  That was one of the most beautiful drives I can remember. The trees all along the way were absolutely magnificent. (Absolutely was a word that my dear Yoda friend who passed away used all the time. Today was her birthday and I thought of her a lot today. When I see Pear trees planted in a row I think of her.)

Trees make me happy. They stir up all kinds of emotions in me, be it connections to the past, the ideas of longevity, flexibility, stability  change, hope and so much more.  The Weeping Willow across my street (at my friendly neighbor’s) reminds me of the Weeping Willow that we planted at my house in front of our living room window when I was six years old, as well as the Birch tree by our driveway and its paper-like bark that fascinated me.   My mother loved to plant trees and was proud of how well that Weeping Willow grew. I think it made her proud of her new-found independence.

I am grateful for trees (we take them for granted). Do you have memories or feelings that are awakened by trees?

Hope you had a great weekend – here’s to a wonderful week ahead.  I will work on my random acts of kindness this week, as well as my gratitude and positive thinking.  Thanks for reading!

3 thoughts on “Weekly Photo Challenge: Silhouette. Gratitude Experiment: Day 67

  1. My yard is woefully short on trees (one white oak), but I have an army of shrubs: nandina, rose of sharon, lilac, crape myrtle, juniper, cottoneaster, arborvitae. euonymus. I doubt that Robert Frost was ever inspired to write a poem about a shrub, but I love them in all their stubby splendor.

  2. I love Weeping Willows. My neighborhood was filled them when I was a child. I begged my father to plant one (we had the room). He refused, on the grounds that their roots wrap around water/sewer pipes and create havoc. Killjoy.

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