Seven things. Gratitude Experiment: Day 66

Today I am grateful for being recently nominated for the Beautiful Blogger Award.

Here is what I am supposed to do:

  1. Thank the blogger who nominated me.  Thank you again Amber Starts Today !
  2. Attach the award to my site.
  3. Share 7 random facts about myself (see below).
  4. Nominate 7 bloggers for the Beautiful Blogger Award. There are so many that I enjoy, so this is difficult. (See below)

Here goesAmbling & RamblingRantings of an Amateur Chefdiannegray… from the bungalow,  amyunjadedfree penny pressOverwhelmedByJoy

My seven things:

1. I’m a Taurus. Stubborn and loyal to a fault until you wave a cape or wrong me.  Then I’m not so great at forgiving.
2. I like old cars with character more than jewelry, clothes or shoes combined. Shoes are up there though. I blame my Dad for both obsessions.
3. I’m a germaphobe and if I see you double dip or lick a spoon before you come close to my meal I will seriously lose my shit.
4. Dry martinis, good wine, salty snacks, cheeses and breads are my epicurean weaknesses.
5. I save my energy for those who are real. I do not understand duplicity and those who master it stupefy me.
6. Sometimes I have the sense of humor of a third grade boy.  Far too many of my adult friends wouldn’t be all that surprised if I asked them to pull my finger. Not sure who to blame for this, but my youngest son will blame me later.
7. I curse like a sailor, but I am working on it, damn it.  I blame my niece. Her cursing puts mine to shame.

6 thoughts on “Seven things. Gratitude Experiment: Day 66

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  2. I really want to *like* this but WP has been playing up on me lately and won’t let me! So here it is – *like*.

    Congratulations for this award – you certainly are a Beautiful Blogger!

    I’m a germaphobe as well and hate the double dip. In fact I’m usually the first one to dip and don’t after that in case someone has slipped one in without me seeing!

    I laughed so loud when you mentioned ‘pull my finger’ – we must be ‘brothers’! In fact, my daughter wanted to write a book of Dad’s Jokes years ago called Pull My Finger.

    Thank you so much for the nomination. I’m heading off now to check out your other nominees 😀

  3. Many things stupefying me! You receiving a “Beautiful Blogger” award is not one of them! Thank you for nominating me. It came at just the right time. Had a bit of a rough day! Congrats and thanks!

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