What’s blue and brown and becoming a pattern?

Apparently, my paintings.

This is my latest blue and brown painting, with dashes of red and copper.  It’s  big – 4 foot X 4 foot.living room painting

My dog Tony is looking quite regal with this as his backdrop before his minor surgery this week.

And then the next photo is after… the dreaded Cone of Shame.  And a pretty dazed look from his drugs.  Poor guy.painting and tonyIMG_3211

18 thoughts on “What’s blue and brown and becoming a pattern?

  1. I love the painting! Blues and browns are the colors of beaches and skies and land–things that calm us, things that endure. However, you need to decorate that cone of shame! I saw a great one on the dogshaming site. Get out the Sharpie pens!

    • Omg that is an awesome idea. Vet said we could also tie a T-shirt him on him Flashdance-style which we are trying so he can sleep better since the cone looks incredibly uncomfortable to sleep in and he nails himself at every corner in it. He’s looking sexy tonight. But I do like the decorated cone of shame idea!

  2. That’s gorgeous! Did you do a redo on that canvas? I have yet to paint a large canvas – hopefully soon. Wishing your doggie a quick recovery.

  3. Oh I really like that painting.. the soft, muted colors are so soothing.. well done.. Poor doggie.. hope all goes well with his surgery!1

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