Act first, think later. Story of my life in 5 examples.


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Act first. Think later.  Story of my life. Luckily it’s working relatively well for me so far. My dad does it too, and even admits it, so I come by it honestly.

This ‘creative leap’  idea is how I justify it.  Similarly, I enjoy any quote about procrastination being a good thing.

Here are some examples of how this is the story of my life:

1. Hanging pictures –  Not sure if I’ve ever used a ruler or tape measure when hanging things on any walls – and I have a LOT on my walls.  This makes many people CRAZY.  (And I love it.)

2. Painting –  When I have gone to those places where you paint as a group while you have a cocktail, and everyone paints the same stroke with the same color in the same order, I go for the wine and pretend like I’m following directions or like I’m just confused. The conformists in these groups whose paintings look exactly like the teacher’s painting in the end always look at my painting with sheer disdain and disbelief. Once someone told me that my painting of wildflowers might indicate that I need therapy.  (Which tells me that it’s good.)

3. Trimming  – As in my bangs, or anything I’m cutting for that matter.  Again, I don’t measure or think it out too much when cutting ribbon, fabric, dog hair, my hair, etc. This has not ended well on several occasions. (Starting at age five when I gave my doll and I a haircut at the same time using my dullest kindergarten scissors.  Also in college when I used to make my own wrap skirts – my room mates are still laughing.)

4. Giving my opinion – How boring and untrue would I be if I edited my opinion before I spoke of it?  Besides, it would take far too long and I would get distracted by the time I thought it through and then I’d forget my point.  I’ve gotten in trouble with this one.  (Fortunately those who love me can handle it.)

5. A plethora of injuries, bruises and cuts at all times – Whether I’m carrying sixteen things down the stairs to save time, or teetering on the edge of a chair because I don’t want to take the time to find a ladder, or using a knife that is dull.  You get the idea.  (Luckily I still have all my digits.)

Do you ever act first and think later?

16 thoughts on “Act first, think later. Story of my life in 5 examples.

  1. I am guilty of all the above. I just Hung a piece of art..using the eyeball method. I now have 2 holes in the wall. I cringe when my husband discovers this.

  2. Ah #1 is my forte.. used to drive my mother crazy.. she’d come to visit and would not leave my house until the hammer & nail came out and the offending (to her, not me, it looked good to me) was hung to her standards..and dang, i remember those wrap skirts..tee-hee!!

  3. Soooo funny! I’m more of the ‘let your hair grow and grow and grow because you are too scared to trim it and the hairdresser is too busy’ approach. Besides, that’s what ponytails are for.

    I’m with you on #4. Completely. You should write more about that. See, I just gave another unsolicited opinion! Everyone needs to try it. Oops! Did it again. I’m hopeless.

    Do it yourself wrap skirts in college = SEXY!!

  4. Hey, why measure when hanging paintings?The painting will cover a 43 holes! So, you leave the house with patched walls…Oh, my, YOU BAD GIRL!

    Too much planning, too much “fitting in” soon make you a VERY boring person.

    The other day, my friend was here and I was literally “slamming” together some peanut butter cookies. Did I use a measuring device? NO! Did I use a recipe? NO!. Don’t we all know that you need some egg, some oil or shortening, some flour, a little baking powder, a little baking soda, a little salt, maybe some vanilla, some sugar? This is NOT pancreas surgery, it’s cookies! And yes, they turned out GREAT. Lighten up, have some fun! I’m with you!

  5. Exactly how I write (anything). I act first and type a bunch of unexpurgated stuff. Then I think my way through the muck. I find that it always helps to have the muck. You can’t think your way through nothing.

  6. I so laughed about hanging pics. I do the opposite! We just hung some pics and shelves before hubs left and not only did I use a a measuring tape, I made him bring in the level from the garage. I HATE it when I’m looking at something and it’s a bit…off. I’m crazy I know!

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