Silent in the company of sisters.


At weekly yoga class.

Two sisters, there each week.

Next to each other, happy and harmonious.

Could be twins, alike but different enough.

One comment starts the chatter all around the room,

How lucky they are to have a sister nearby to enjoy.

I nodded silently as I agreed,

Tamping pangs of envy down deep.

Then one by one … the others lamented over their sisters faraway,

Poor them.

I had a choice,

Bring down the entire room with “Bummer, mine died.”

And freak everyone the hell out,

Or keep quiet.

I chose the latter.

17 thoughts on “Silent in the company of sisters.

  1. Don’t apologize. I don’t think this is dark. It’s the truth and it’s beautiful because it came from the heart, it’s easy to see that. I’m so so sorry for your loss, I cannot even imagine how horrible it must be to loose a sister (or brother). And now you’ve inspired me to send my sisters a just-because card and tell them that I love them. Thank you for that!

  2. A nice poem you wrote here. I get the feeling from your comments that you feel that people might be judging you because of it’s subject, but this is what is true for you now. Not all life experience has to be viewed from above for it to be thought of as good. The sad aspects of life are equally good and valuable. But I have a feeling that you already know that.

  3. This makes me one part mournful and one part grateful that although it’s been many months since I last saw my sisters . . . it’s unlikely to be too many more until I next see them.

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