Little Red Riding Hood and the Monkey Palooza

sock monk

Little Red Riding Hood keeps me guessing on her visits. If I turn around for more than a minute, she will nicely rearrange things for me.  Almost always after she leaves on her Wednesday visits, I either find that something is missing or that she has moved something to a strange place.  Almost like my Mom is messing with me, but she has no idea given her Alzheimer’s.  And I have to smile sometimes.

Since we are a dog lover family, we have a basket of dog toys in the living room for our spoiled dogs to access at their leisure. As you can imagine, there is always a dog toy,  or two, or three, strewn across the living room or kitchen floor.  They know who’s in charge here.  They are.

But things on the floor seem to bother my mother, who kept our house the cleanest and most orderly on the block. So she spends a lot of her time here picking up dog toys, leaves and such.  (Less vacuuming for me.)

Our mini Golden Doodle is nicknamed “Monkey Dog” in our house because we’re sure she has opposable thumbs which she uses like a little monkey to scavenge for food and trouble at all times.  So ‘monkey dog toys’ for our Monkey Dog are quite fitting, and thus aplenty in our house.

Last week after my Mom left, I found the sock monkey dog toy in my spoon rest by the stove. Once I figured out that she must have done it, I got such a kick out of it that I left it there for a few days despite how germy it probably was. (I have germaphobe issues.)

Then yesterday after she left, I found another monkey dog toy perfectly positioned in our home computer chair, as if ready to type.  This too cracked me up. I left him there until the kids later moved him.monkeychair

Today I am grateful for our monkey palooza and the smiles that Little Red Riding Hood gives us.

What are you grateful for today?

10 thoughts on “Little Red Riding Hood and the Monkey Palooza

  1. Great post! Anyone who has had a relative with Alzheimer’s knows that having a sense of humor makes a difficult situation far more tolerable. Your mom is lucky to have you as her daughter. I hope these posts are reaching others who are dealing with Alzheimer’s.

  2. Awwwwww…. that is great. And the photos make it better.
    I’ll bet some day you’ll learn that she really was trying to mess with you, even though she wasn’t able to tell you as such. That is fantastic.

  3. It’s wonderful to have dogs to keep you guessing and make life interesting! I’m grateful to have a puppy, who, for one thing, gives me an excuse to be outside every morning watching the sun rise!

  4. I love sock monkeys.. Wish I could have a whole bounty of them.. 🙂
    I’m grateful to be here, typing this comment, to you!!!

  5. I am smiling. She is so cute. Playing house with Monkeys. She has a great sense of humor. So happy for u when there is some ray of sunshine in you visit.

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