Cursing the Argentine Pie. Gratitude Experiment: Day 94

This post is from yesterday and it would have been posted yesterday had it not been for Argentine Corn Pie.

Lest I bore you with details, here are the cliffnotes:

1. Themed dinner party – Argentina theme

2. Each couple brings a dish – I chose “veggie/side” option to bring

3. Google search led me to Argentine Corn Pie – sounded easy enough, two pies should be perfect

4. I was sorely mistaken

5. Spent most of the afternoon (thank goodness I started early) working on these damn pies

6. I do not like to cook for good reason – usually doesn’t end well (see past post:  Not sure any bitch can cook)

7. First one came out like a charm, second one did not set-up correctly (even though I swear I prepared it exactly the same way) – ceremoniously buried it in my kitchen trash

8. MacGyver ran to the store for me and I made another pie at the last minute

9. Looked iffy but I took it anyway

10. That pie ended up in the kitchen trash of our hostess – we shared the one that turned out beautifully and there was enough alcohol that no one noticed a shortage of Argentine Corn Pie

In closing, I lost almost four hours of my life to Argentine Corn Pie. Lesson learned – next time stick with dessert, buy it at the bakery and fashion a miniature Argentina flag to stick in the middle of it. Done.

I’m grateful that I didn’t let this futile exercise in cooking affect my evening and we had a wonderful time. With age comes great wisdom to not take anything too seriously.

What’s your worst cooking disaster?

11 thoughts on “Cursing the Argentine Pie. Gratitude Experiment: Day 94

  1. Liked your post! since I´m argentinean writting you from Buenos Aires, thought it was worth commenting and saying that the next time you are in the need of exploring our gastronomy I´d feel honour to help 🙂
    Better luck next time (or better recipe LOL)

  2. I laughed! I have been there!
    Like you I have learned that things work out. I still find myself reminding myself of this from time to time when I feel panicked or worried about something.
    Wine is a blessing:)

  3. I made a gluten free cake from scratch for a friends birthday. It looked fine, but i noticed while frosting it that the texture was rubbery. When we cut the cake, a piece fell onto the floor and bounced across the floor like a superball. My friends thought this was hysterical while I burned with embarassment. We wound up calling it the rubber chicken cake because while chewing it, we all agreed that it tasted good, but it felt like we were chewing on a rubber chicken.

  4. I poisoned my husband and myself with chicken soup, somehow. And I once made a tiramisu that just would not set; I kept in the fridge for days and slurped spoonfuls of it at intervals.

  5. What a nightmare! My cooking disaster is usually anything I try to cook!

    I love you the way you ceremoniously buried it in the kitchen trash – I must remember that one 😀

  6. My cooking disaster diary is crammed full but my worsts are either my first Thanksgiving Turkey or the time I made this cheesecake dish that ended up being like soup and I followed the recipe to a tee..

  7. I have many, LOL. Interestingly enough, I am completely and utterly unable to get anything made with cornmeal to taste any better than the box the cornmeal came in.

    Glad you had a good time anyway!

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