19 More Days. Gratitude Experiment: Day 74

Today I’m grateful that I have made it through almost 100 days without running out of things to be thankful for.

This exercise in positive thinking has made my glass more easily half full on a regular basis. This is a very good thing. And it has attracted good things.

Plus, the 100-day challenge to post something every day has been a genius way for me to force myself to write and post every single day. And I am truly enjoying it.

But with only 19 days until I hit the big 100, the pressure is mounting for another challenge that I shall proclaim to keep myself blogging.

I would like to keep the next challenge related to gratitude somehow because this has been a great experience and it seems to be easy to connect with.


PS:  How cool is the sunlight hitting the top of the tree in this photo? It was the other morning just as the sun was rising after our first somewhat substantial early snow.

Give me your thoughts on my next challenge…

9 thoughts on “19 More Days. Gratitude Experiment: Day 74

  1. There does always seem to be a ray of sunshine in every experience. I like the “unexpected” in every day as noted above with the focus on the ray of sunshine you can find even in the not so great experiences. Part of personal growth is learning to rise above the crap to find the ray of sunshine. The real gurus never even see the crap!

  2. Kind of related to Javaj240’s comment…When I kept a Gratitude Journal, I often noted tiny observations that seemed insignificant, but that really were miracles when I took the time to notice them. So maybe you next challenge could be pointing out things that most of us overlook everyday but that really are evidence of the miracles of life.

    • Duh, you are right. How weird. I set up an automated countdown widget and that’s what it said so I just believed it. Didn’t think about doing the math! Duh. I’ll try to figure out what’s going on with the widget. Clearly, I’m WordPress-challenged.

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