So many love/hate relationships, so little time. Gratitude Experiment: Day 62

I must preface this post with the fact that when refer to ‘love/hate’ relationships, I’m using the word ‘hate’ for effect.  It’s not one of my favorite words.  But this is how I describe relationships with things that I love but that also cause me great angst at times.

Top ten (in no particular order)

1. Friendly neighbors.  Love em, really I do.  But when I am in my sweats (I work at home) looking scary and am clearly running head-down out to put the trash at the curb or a letter in the mailbox, I don’t want to chat (unless I know you well). Even with my friendly neighbor who I think is mowing his lawn in his robe this morning.  For real.

2. Having teenagers.  Love my kids dearly, more than anything.  But so many times, their curtness, voice tone and attitude can drive me bat crazy.

3. Home organization containers. They should sell these on porn sites. I get more enjoyment out of going to The Container Store than most places I can think of.  Buying organization stuff is like crack for me, if I was an addict, or even really understood what crack was.  I think sometimes they just provide better ways to hide my disorganization.

4. Big SUVs.  I love how safe I feel in them, how much I can pack in them to go to the mountains and the ego rush I hate to admit that I get from being taller in traffic.  But the gas consumption kills me.

5. Decorative pillows on my bed and sectional.  They look awesome and I love buying them. Another addiction.  But man are they are a pain in the ass.

6. Vitamins and supplements.  I have all the best intentions of taking them when I buy them. But I despise taking them.  More waste.

7. Photographs.  Love, love, love pictures.  But I am in constant turmoil about how many photo albums I am behind on at any given moment.  Yes, I still love photo albums.  Are they passé along with hard copy everything else? Never for me.

8.  Blogging.  This new world is fascinating and insightful. And I’ve connected with bloggers who I know I’d love to do happy hour with on a weekly basis.  But how the heck do bloggers get anything else done?  This is the deepest rabbit hole I’ve ever come across.

9.  Marketing emails.  I write marketing copy for a living;  I should know better, and be immune by now.  But those damn 50% off until midnight emails still manage to suck me in, as well as way too much of my time and money.  (Although I just did finally turn off my new email notification pop-ups, after thinking about how much I needed to for the last few years.)  Another addiction. Better than crack, I tell my husband.  Is there a theme here?

10. Facebook.  Love it on some days, hate it on others.  Great way to stay in touch with old pals and learn about all things current and interesting.  But if I see any more negative, bashing emails about anything political, football or otherwise, I’m going to poke another eye out.  (If people think they’re doing their teams or candidates any favors, they’re sorely mistaken.) And people who post new glamour shots of themselves regularly on Facebook?  I really don’t get it, but clearly I have a different purpose in mind for Facebook. Although my niece has always told me its the perfect venue for egotists.  Yet I take offense to that since I often enjoy Facebook for the voyeuristic benefits (Yikes, did I just say that?  Didn’t mean it as creepy as it sounds).

Whew, I feel better. Thanks for playing. I’m sure there are more of these relationships that I could think of if I let this rabbit hole take me down any deeper.

What do you have love/hate relationships with?

11 thoughts on “So many love/hate relationships, so little time. Gratitude Experiment: Day 62

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  2. Wow I thought I was the only one obsessed with containers! They just make everything look so neat an perfect. Lol…..thanks for making me feel more normal. I have a thing for office organizer compartment thingys too. :/

  3. I agree with everything. And seriously, the blogging – this takes up at least half of my day. It could take up more if I let it. And I’m trying to write for a living. How do people who work full time and have families do it at all?

  4. Pinterest. In fact, I just posted a blog entry on that very topic! Love: great home ideas, cool fashion, funny sayings, yummy food, nifty crafts. Hate: Icky things (like spiders) that make me want to scratch out my eyes, perfect bodies that make me feel not good enough, and awesome merchandise that makes me want, want, want.

    Loved your list! Especially the SUV thing. I drive an old Chevy Tahoe. It’s just old enough to have a sort of a cool, outlawish vibe–makes me feel like a renegade. But it sure sucks putting gas in the thing! That, and I just about tear a rotator cuff pulling the door shut. 🙂

  5. I am ashamed to admit..I don’t like the task of writing thank notes. I too love organization items. but like u probably more useful at hiding my clutter. Never ever understood glamour photos.

    • And I love photo albums…just now catching up on travel photos from over 3 years ago….so hate deciding which ones to print and store.

  6. Pretty thought-provoking. I would have to agree on the blogging thing. I keep waiting for it to get old, but, so far, that hasn’t happened. I love that I can express myself and that people seem interested and even, OMG, make comments about what I’ve said. There’s real validation there. At home I can tell the same, exact stories and they just grunt and nod. They humor me, which is nice, but it’s not the same as feeling that what I have to say is important. But, I get it. They’re busy. My daughter has her own blogging to do (she’s the one who suggested I start blogging to begin with) and my husband, well, he’s got lots of sports and reality television to keep up with. Whatevs.

    If I ever got organized they would think that an alien had invaded my body or that I had a brain tumor (personality changes are indicators of this, I think). LOL.

  7. Excellent post, and it has inspired me to give this topic serious consideration. I may have to spend some extra time on it, though, since you have so accurately pinpointed about 5 of my own exact topics of choice!

  8. I’m with you on Facebook, although occasionally I like a good netlurking session. I’m also with you on decorative pillows. They are like puffy paintings only you don’t have to put holes in the wall to display.

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