16 pros and cons on your kid turning 16. Gratitude Experiment: Day 57

Good news: My oldest son is about to turn sixteen.

Bad news: This makes me feel a little old.

Good news: I will now be a car shuttle service for him much less often.

Bad news: The thought of paying for gas for another vehicle makes my stomach a little weak.

Good news: I am very lucky that my son is a great driver.

Bad news: Teenage boys are WAY more expensive to insure as young drivers than girls.  That seems a little sexist to me.

Good news: If we help him get a car we will have a huge carrot to work with behaviorally speaking.

Bad news: Whoever said girls were easier than girls as teenagers did not know my son.

Good news: My dad’s theory about teenagers having cars with the smallest back seats possible and the least room for passengers now sounds like a genius idea.

Bad news: Shopping for a car that will be reliable but won’t indulge your child is a tough balancing act.

Good news:  Craigslist rocks.

Bad news: It’s hard to know what to believe when it come to buying cars.  Suddenly CarFax isn’t so factual.

Good news: There are still a few people who sell their cars privately and who are very honest.

Bad news: Once he is driving I will have a new list of things to worry about.

Good news: My insurance agent said that the Dodge Caravan minivan is the cheapest car for us to insure him to drive.

Bad news: I’m afraid my son might endure bodily harm if he drove a Dodge Caravan minivan to school.

For all this perspective, I am grateful.

5 thoughts on “16 pros and cons on your kid turning 16. Gratitude Experiment: Day 57

  1. If CarFax is supposed to be like “Car Facts” then I would say that it can’t be very factual lol! Anything that misspells a word on purpose to look cool is kind of odd to me. Like a salon called “Hair Cutz”. Seems kinda shifty, no? I’d be afraid they’d give me a mohawk or something…

    Thanks for following!
    Good Morning, Joe

  2. Been there. Done that. I’m grateful my son survived those crazy years as well as grateful he never caused injury to others while driving.

  3. I totally agree with your father. Teenagers driving is a real worry and the less of them in the car at any given time is probably a good idea. And yeah, parenting boys and girls is equally challenging yet different. A lady once told me – boys will just slug it out, girls will stalk you. For the most part, I’ve found this to be true. Also, the insurance for boys IS crazy, especially if they have their own car, and are not just and occasional driver.

    Happy birthday to the boy!

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