10 ways to make cottage cheese sexier.


Yes, this is a random post.  It’s about cottage cheese.

I’m trying to eat better and cottage cheese is a food that is pretty high in calcium and protein and low in sugar and fat as long as you select the right variety.

However, cottage cheese can get pretty  boring in a hurry.

I’ve been looking for ways to make it more enticing as a go-to snack food instead of Lay’s Potato Chips which are the Devil when it comes to being healthy and fit (and my downfall).

Some people don’t like cottage cheese no matter what you add to it.   Clone doesn’t even like to be near cottage cheese.

For those of us who like it, here are some ways to make it more interesting:

1. Add chili sauce and stir.  (My current favorite.)

2. Add sprinkles of pepper and dill and throw in some baby tomatoes

3. Add slices of low sugar canned peaches or pineapples, or apples (reminds me of my Grandma)

4. Add chopped bell peppers

5. Add roasted peppers from jar

6. Add chopped olives (green or black)

7. Add Craisins or sliced almonds

8. Add pumpkin spice or cinnamon

9. Add salsa

10. Add low sugar apple sauce

There you have it.  Sexier cottage cheese.

17 thoughts on “10 ways to make cottage cheese sexier.

  1. There aren’t any other ingredients to me to EVER make cottage cheese appealing. Just sayin …

    Glad you’re eating better, though. Your twin stomach would be proud. Or sad …

  2. I was raised on a dairy farm. My mother loved cottage cheese as it was the “go to” diet food of the 60s. My dad hated the stuff and would tell me it was made from the first dropping of a baby calf. Needless to say, I was afraid to try it until adulthood. It’s good with fruit and with just black pepper. I’ll have to give the chili seasoning a try.

  3. I love large curd cottage cheese on top of sesame Melba toast rounds. Great alternative to cheese & crackers. I may have to try stirring some roasted red peppers in it the next time 🙂

  4. I think this is a valiant effort on your part, but even before I became lactose intolerant, I always hated the taste of cottage cheese and the chunks (are they called curds?) always grossed me out. How about tackling goat cheese next time, if you’re taking cheese requests?

  5. It’s also good if you put it on a 3 section plate in one of the sections and then put Doritos in the second section and ice cream in the third. I like to eat the Doritos and then the ice cream and then give the cottage cheese to the dog. Delicious!

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