Ode to My Grandfathers

gdadBoth of my late grandfathers had May birthdays, and I am particularly fond of May birthdays, as some might know.

With one of these birthdays upon us today. I decided  to honor them both.

They were both kind, patient and good men, and parts of them make me who I am today.

And for that I am truly grateful.

 A Southern Gent

An inventive sort, this Southern gent.

Able to fix anything thrown his way.

An understated man, only said what he meant.

Quietly observing  the day.

Happy to let the spotlight shine,

On his wife, for a fuss he thought quite the bore.

Calming the waters throughout their life,

A loving man, with patience galore.

And a Northern Gent Wally

The grandfather I never knew,

Walked softly, kind and tall.

To his girls,  forever true,

His heartfelt words touched them all.

His love letters made his true love blush,

Funny, sentimental and smart,

He lives on in us,

His wit, all a part.


What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think of the word Grandfather?

16 thoughts on “Ode to My Grandfathers

  1. Very heartwarming post! I was lucky enough to Skype with my 97 year old grandfather the other day (his first time using Skype) while my family was visiting him; grandfathers are amazing, wonderful people/

  2. I remember many great times with my maternal grandfather, the other one passed away when I was two or three. Last Saturday, I took my grandsons to a kids fishing derby at a local fish hatchery–making memories is what my wife calls it.

  3. They both look like wonderful Grandfathers.. I was lucky I had 3 Grandfathers (one was a step GF)..One a brickmason, one a train conductor the other a Navy cook.. all gentlemen with a capital G.

  4. This is really lovely. I never knew either of my grandfathers – my Dad’s Dad died just 6 years before I was born. I have no idea about the other one.

    • I was very lucky that I got to know one of them. And that I have copies of a lot of old letters and info about my other Grandfather. Thanks for reading and for your note!

  5. Beautifully written. May these memories live forever – fresh and green. Reminded me of my grandpa.

  6. I adored my maternal grandfather. He died when I was only 7 years old. But he was a farmer and I remember milking cows with him and sitting on his lap in the rocker by the wood stove. He used to call me his Kitty Clover. 48 yrs later and I still miss him

  7. First thing that comes to mind: Picking gooseberries on his little farm in Granby, Mo., and sitting on the front porch waving at the truckers passing by on the old highway (they would thrill us by blasting their horns.) Postscript: There is now a new highway that consumed the farm.

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