Who’s Your Muse?

musingAmusing and furry,

Precocious and sweet.

By my side,

Not missing a beat.

Unconditional love,

Pours out from her heart.

Making any bad day,

Have no chance from the start.

Do you have a muse?  Do tell.

7 thoughts on “Who’s Your Muse?

  1. Now that is one cuddle-bug!

    I hear artists speak of muses. I don’t think I have one. But I still think of myself as an artist. What does that mean? Am I blind to my muse or am I museless?

  2. I’ll admit that sometimes I date women I want to impress, so I’ll try to write something witty and pithy just for them to (ahem) cross home plate. I’m shallow that way.

  3. My dog is a rock of predictability but no muse, so I’ll opt for the cardinals outside my office window. I love the way the Mr. and Mrs. feed each other in the spring. All winter they come to the feeder separately, but in the spring they cozy up and share sunflowers like the sweet old marrieds they are.

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