Who’s making you crazy today?

openheartI urge you to let it go.

And you should urge me to do the same.  Because sometimes I’m great at giving advice, but horrible at listening to it for myself.

This is something that I’m working on. And it’s a tough one for me.

When people disappoint me, I have to remind myself that:

a) it’s rarely ever personal and who knows what  is going on in the other person’s life that I may not know about,

b) it does no good to waste my energy being disappointed,

c) negative thoughts just attract more negative energy,

d) it takes away from me being present and in the moment, and finally …

e) there is probably something I could learn from it.

So there you have it.

What disappointment or frustration are you going to let go of right now?

22 thoughts on “Who’s making you crazy today?

  1. One my favorite verses during my son’s difficult years was and remains – “Let go and let God”. That verse alone saved me from many sleepless nights and constant worrying. And I also learned as rgayer55 posted…the only thing we can control is our reaction…which takes time to master after many many disappointments we experience in daily life. The best to you.

  2. Lovely post and I am totally crazy already but I am learning to let go of expectations as they only lead to great disappointments. 🙂

  3. We all need reminders such as this…I learned the hard way to either let things go (words, actions, inaction’s, etc) or else I would be in a constant state of worry & anger.. i prefer to just let it go and hope the ignorant ones learn..If not, oh well.. buh-bye!

  4. For me it’s the heaviness of the events in Boston bringing the uncertainty of life to the forefront once again. But you’re right. It doesn’t serve me to stay in that place.Steals the present moment.
    All the best,

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