On mortality.

chinese proverb

A high school friend of mine died yesterday.  He was 43. Cancer won the battle with his body.

We didn’t stay in touch really other than Facebook and barely at that. And we talked at our last reunion.

But I can see his face.  And I can’t quit thinking about him, his family, and our own mortality.

He was one of the class hunks in high school, with a heart of gold. He will be missed by many.

I see death as a reminder to live, and to do so with honesty, intention and abandon that is even reckless, at least a few times.

How do you see it?

Photo from http://shop.holstee.com/

Photo from http://shop.holstee.com/.
This is framed on my kitchen wall.

9 thoughts on “On mortality.

  1. I’m sorry for their loss and yours. A good friend lost her very healthy, brother-in-law a week ago to a massive heart attack on his way to working out. Such a tragic and difficult loss for their family. Unfortunately, the more we “mature” the more frequently such sad news filters into our lives. The brevity of life is real as is the need to live fully alive in the present day we have been given.

  2. I was having a conversation about death last night with one of my daughters. I don’t fear death itself (we have no idea what happens when we cross over, may be a whole nother life there) but I fear the pain those left behind will endure..

  3. I had a very similar experience. I was Googling old classmates with distinctive names (you’ll never find the John Smiths, ya know), and I found a memorial golf outing for one guy. A memorial golf outing?!! And it was truly my classmate, a guy I’d met in Kindergarten. He had it all–good looks, athletic ability, intelligence, and then leukemia. You’re right. Enjoy EVERY day.

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