Level-setting expectations is half the battle.

MacGyver often reminds me that not everyone lacks any type of duplicitous bone in their body.  And that my life would be much simpler if I wasn’t so completely lacking in this area (although he appreciates this quality in me).  And that not everyone is completely honest and upfront with their feelings, quite the contrary actually.   And that most suredly everyone’s priorities are quite different for various reasons, even if this is sometimes hard to understand.

That’s why I had to share this quote posted by a friend today.

So very true and such a great reminder…

Any expectations you need to fine-tune today?

Happy Hump day!

6 thoughts on “Level-setting expectations is half the battle.

  1. This quote reminds me of a conversation I once overheard at a restaurant in Laguna Beach, Calif. The waitress told a tan young man with long blonde hair that the special of the day was shark. He said, “Surfers don’t eat shark.” And she said, “Why not? Sharks eat surfers.”

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