Making a Splash of a Different Kind. PS: I take back every blonde joke I ever wanted to make about Daryl Hannah.

Daryl Hannah TransamAs MacGyver tells me when I get riled up about how unrealistic movies can be, “Honey, it’s only a movie,” I should know better. But back in the day, most movies I saw Daryl Hannah in depicted her in a way that did not make me think of her as a potentially intelligent and interesting person. I fell for her movie typecast, and she in turn raked in some paychecks with that role she was so good at playing.

Today I heard her in an interview on XM radio discussing her new movie project, “Greedy Lying Bastards,” which she produced.  I haven’t seen it yet, so I’m not promoting it.  But I liked listening to her and I was pleasantly surprised. (For those of you who want to quit reading now, you can skip to the best part of this post at the end – look for the asterisks.)

But before you quit reading, know that I am not an over the top liberal.  But I am open minded and I do believe that every action has a reaction.  And there is no way that we can keep increasing our pollution and not expect any consequences. (I did recently trade in my beast of an SUV for a smarter version with much better gas mileage  –  but that’s for selfish reasons to boot.)

I know some of you will automatically be offended by the name of this movie alone and therefore never see it, which makes me question the naming because it would seem to defeat the purpose of getting people to open their minds to at least learning other views of what’s going on with our environment. And to consider why it might seem logical that efforts to change how we consume energy might be thwarted by those whose pocket book would be affected negatively by such change.  To me that makes sense, as does having an open mind to this concept – and to opposing concepts, quite frankly.

(The rest of you who have no problem with the name and are instead checking to see when it comes out and where — it opens nationally March 8.)

Lest I get all political, let me just wrap up by saying  that the best part of listening to that interview was to learn that Daryl practices what she preaches, she makes good practical sense and is she is realistic when she discusses the need to be aware of simply taking care of the world we live in a little better.

*******But the best of all….. I learned that Daryl Hannah owns and drives that TransAm she drove in Kill Bill.  She’s had it converted so that it runs on pure ethanol.  I wonder if she keeps her eye patch in the glove box?

9 thoughts on “Making a Splash of a Different Kind. PS: I take back every blonde joke I ever wanted to make about Daryl Hannah.

  1. Daryl Hannah is cool. I loved her character in Kill Bill. In real life, she’s nothing like the dainty waif portrayed early in her career. She uses bio-diesel and uses several other green techniques in her own home. It’s good to see people, who could easily choose otherwise, practice what they preach.

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  3. Hey, I wish I had solar panels on my roof (can’t afford them yet because for some reason they’re kept more expensive than my natural gas), and I also wish I had a car that ran on hydrogen and spewed steam! I do recycle everything I can, and I shop for local foods and grow my own. Call me what you want, it’s a matter of being a good steward of the Earth. I believe all these fossil fuels people have burned have to go somewhere, and that has to have an effect. I also don’t believe in protecting the pocketbooks of the billionaires who control those fossil fuels. Gimme the solar and wind entrepreneurs any day! But finally, I believe in human ingenuity enough to think people can save the Earth. As a species, we’re not that stupid…As for Darryl, she rocks if she lives what she preaches!!!

  4. Daryl Hannah also dated JFK Jr. I once saw her making out with him in a pizza parlor. They were all over each other. For me, that was the best performance of her career until Elle Driver.

  5. Ever since I knew she was the girlfriend of my teen years heartthrob, Jackson Browne, She has been ok in my book.. I like her even better now 🙂

  6. I just spent 10 days moving by foot and bus in Santa Monica and LA. It was great. Of course, there are sidewalks everywhere and the weather is one big cupcake.

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