4 Things I’ve Seen People Doing While Driving This Week


(Sorry for the technical difficulties earlier – accidentally published a draft!)

Here are four things I’ve seriously seen people doing while driving this week:

1. This morning after dropping my son off at school, I looked in the rear view mirror and saw a guy shaving with his electric razor while driving (as he was passing the elementary school).

2. Yesterday I saw a gal eating oatmeal (I assume) and using a spoon while driving.

3. Everyday I see a teenager texting while driving on the way to school. (Isn’t there a law about this? They don’t even try to hide it.  Scares the heck out of me.)

4. Monday I saw lady putting on mascara while driving.  (That would suck to lose an eye for vanity’s sake.)

At some point I assume I’ll see someone doing yoga or lifting weights while driving because they ran short on time.

What’s the worst you’ve seen people do while driving? (Aside from nose picking which is far too obvious – and disgusting.)

8 thoughts on “4 Things I’ve Seen People Doing While Driving This Week

  1. I was sitting on the bus a couple of days ago, stopped at a red light, and the car beside us was revving the engine and spinning the wheels, clearly impatient to go… several seconds before the light changed, he decided he’d waited long enough and was off in a cloud of smoke and a squeal of tyres. He was very very lucky that the intersection was clear. If a car crossing the intersection had cut it fine, or a pedestrian decided to make a dash for it, there’d have been deaths for sure.

  2. All these things are really dangerous and it’s amazing what you see people doing on the roads. No wonder there are accidents and whenever I see things like this I wish the police were around to see them as well!

    The worst thing I ever saw was a lady going through a red light. She had a toddler STANDING (without seatbelt) on the front passenger seat drinking out of a glass baby bottle. What an absolute idiot…

  3. While driving around the Beltway in Washington, D.C. at too-fast MPH, I saw a man reading the newspaper. It was spread out over the steering wheel so you couldn’t see the wheel at all. I was glad I passed him so when he got in an accident, I wouldn’t be stuck behind the mess or in it!

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