Best thing since … sliced onions

onion glasses

A month ago I stood in the kitchen with mascara running down my face and my eyes burning while I chopped an onion. And because my family doesn’t even bat an eye as I loudly blurt out expletives while attempting anything in the kitchen,  it didn’t surprise them when I exclaimed “Surely someone has invented some !@*^$% onion cutting goggles..!?”

I reached into our school supply closet and gave the science lab safety goggles a try.  No luck.  Duh.  But I was determined.

Then, as it happens most of the time when I turn to Amazon looking for whatever I’m hoping that someone has invented, onion cutting glasses do, in fact, exist.  This may be old news to you, but it was news to me.

And what better time to share this find than as part of the WordPress Daily Prompt  to write about something that I think is the best thing since …well, you know… sliced bread.

So there you have it.  Hands down the best new gadget to come into my life … my special onion cutting glasses, in fire engine red.  The foam around the eye of the glasses blocks out all vapors. And, as a bonus,  I’m always ready for an extreme Airsoft challenge if one occurs in the backyard while I’m chopping onions.

What’s your favorite kitchen gadget?

11 thoughts on “Best thing since … sliced onions

  1. Holy crap, I never thought of that. I too, suffer from onion eye. I absolutely HATE when a recipe calls for 1-onion, chopped.
    I usually call for the husband and make him chop. I get such bad onion eye, that not only do I look like I’ve been crying all day over my recently deceased dog (he isn’t dead but you sure would guess that looking at me), it eventually gets so bad I can’t open my eyes to even cut the blasted things.
    I may need to check into onion goggles.

  2. haha.. you crack me up.. I too need some because I always end up looking like Tammy Faye Baker after she’s had a good cry. hmm, I want them to invent automatic fingernail files.. just put your fingers (or toes) in a gizmo and they come out looking all pretty ( as you can tell I have simple 😉

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