All systems grateful. Gratitude Experiment: Day 97

As Thanksgiving quickly approaches, I am grateful for many things:

1. That I randomly discovered a brand new place for yoga and meditation right by my house this morning – just after writing my meditation post last night. (Crazy continuation of the universe speaking to me)

2. That we leave to visit family back home tomorrow.

3. That both my kids are happy today.

4.That I just got them to apologize to each other after I typed this and a door slammed (gotta love irony).

5. That I just finished a bitch of a first draft of a document I had to write about revenue cycle management for physician practices –  while pretending to know what I was talking about (story of my career).

6. That I have awesome readers who follow my blog and leave warm, supportive and thoughtful comments.

7. That my comrades in the blogosphere give me new gifts each day with their words.

8.  That I have grown enough in recent years to overcome  my only-child guilt for not being able to be with both parents on Thanksgiving.

9. That my pups will love me even after staying at the kennel for a few days once I pick them up Sunday.

10. And finally,  that I found hilarious Christmas gifts with a profanity theme on Etsy today. (Yes, I get far too much enjoyment out of  ironic uses for profanity. The one in the photo is by far the tamest.)

What are you thankful for right this second?

12 thoughts on “All systems grateful. Gratitude Experiment: Day 97

  1. I am thankful for the warm sun and the shy breeze in Cherry Creek State Park and my little dog who is just so happy to try and catch a prairie dog. At least I think he is happy…

  2. Right now I’m grateful for a pot of coffee, my office window overlooking the backyard and the fact that my dog let me brush his teeth. Happy Thanksgiving!

  3. I’m thankful I live in a free society where I can be or do anything!!
    Have a wonderful trip and Happy Thanksgiving!!!

  4. Well, to answer your question, I’m thankful for the cup of coffee I’m drinking right now. I often think of quitting but then remember that my 5 a.m. coffee represents some of the best moments of the day. It’s a little vacation right off the bat.

    I hope you have a great Thanksgiving. My Thanksgiving memories are fillled with the times we traveled to Tulsa to spend with you all. I know some of these overlap with other non-Thanksgiving visits, but I’m sure we had a few talent shows, laughs at others’ expense, trips to Casa Bonita, and temper tantrums (OK just me) during our Thanksgiving visits.

    Take care,


  5. My husband falling asleep so that I could turn off “Storage Wars” in favor of my beloved Craig Ferguson (even though he is now interviewing Marion Cotillard— she annoys me).

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