Meditation Contemplation. Gratitude Experiment: Day 96

I’ve contemplated meditation a lot lately. But for some reason making time for meditation seems to rank right up there with exercise for me.

My oldest son has learned a lot about meditation recently and wants to develop his meditation skills. And I know it would be good for him. In fact, I know it would be helpful for our entire family. The trick is making the time to quiet our minds long enough to reset with reality and what matters.  Life, as it often does, seems to get in the way.

I often wonder if  my avoiding exercise and meditation has to do with being intimidated at the thought of what I could discover if I was to actually still my mind enough to focus long enough on either. After all, these past 95 days have shown me what a difference becoming more aware of my self, my thoughts and my surroundings can make when it comes to reflection and peace.  Each day when I take the time to sit and write, a certain amount of discontent seems to escape from my mind while a new parcel of knowledge about myself settles in.  At the same time, my shoulders begin to rest a little lower and my breath becomes more easy.

I’ve stumbled upon enough of these and other indicators lately to point me squarely in the direction of meditation.

So today I am grateful to receive all of the messages that the universe and the powers that be send to me.  I’m also thankful that I can slow down every once in a while and actually listen.

Do you meditate or think about meditating  — even if you use a different word for the same concept?

6 thoughts on “Meditation Contemplation. Gratitude Experiment: Day 96

  1. I call it “being in the moment” now. For some reason, using that expression makes it easier for me to meditate.

  2. I would love to share a tape with you. When I am really wound up this was an amazing guide. My Mom used to hide in her closet an meditate when she had 3 teenagers.
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  3. Not just like, but LOVE this post. Press onward, but do it by not pressing, right? My own dabbling in meditation (beyond shavasana/savasana in yoga) is wonderful, and I highly recommend it. I’m fortunate if I do this once or twice a week lately, but I look forward to it soooo much. It’s a vacation to still your mind and not be falling asleep! Keep us posted on your discoveries.

  4. I am currently doing the Deepok Chopra 21 day meditation (link is on Oprah’s site).. At first I was fidgety and thinking about the grocery list and such..Now, I am able to be calm and really let my mind go blank..So far so good..

  5. I think knowing when to lower your shoulders is a step on the path to enlightenment. Yoga has taught me to pay attention to that. When my shoulders are hunched, high and tense, I consciously drop them down and back. This is the “top third” of tadasana, or Mountain Pose.

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