When I grow up. Gratitude Experiment: Day 26

I want to be like my neighbor when I grow up. He lives across the street from me. He and his wife raised all of their children in that house.  Their kids now live in various states, with children of their own.  I think he is very close to 90 years old.

He yells ‘Hi neighbor!’ to me from across the street every time he sees me. He calls me by the wrong name sometimes but that just makes me smile all the more. I have never seen him unhappy.

I have to speak  loudly when we chat because he is very hard of hearing and has Meniere’s diseasean inner ear disorder that affects balance and hearing. Many afternoons you can see him jogging or riding his bike around our neighborhood. He tells me that he thinks if he just keeps active maybe he can jiggle things around enough up there in his head enough that it will work itself out.  He also just quit skiing black runs about four years ago. For real. (I’m doing good to ski blue runs.)

When we have big snows, he uses his snow blower to remove snow from our entire cul-de-sac’s sidewalks. And sometimes he does all of our driveways too (we live in a small cul-de-sac thank goodness).

He has a killer old red sports car that he drives every clear day.  I can hear its engine rumble as he zooms off each morning with his hat on that reminds me of the one Gilligan wore on Gilligan’s island.

On trash pickup days if I’m gone after the truck as come, he returns my trashcan to the back of my driveway for me.  And he does this for all of us. He also brings us all a jar of home-made jelly from his church sale during the holidays.

He has a compliment for me every single time I talk with him.  And he calls me when he needs to know how to do something on his computer, always ever so thankful for my help.

Today I am grateful that I get to live by this great guy who provides me with a wonderful example of how to live life. I hope I can be like him when I grow up.

4 thoughts on “When I grow up. Gratitude Experiment: Day 26

  1. I have Bob two doors down. He keeps me in deer jerky, suet for the woodpeckers and black walnuts from the trees in the ‘hood (it takes him WEEKS to shell the crop). He leans my newspaper against my front door early every morning so that it literally falls into my house when I open the door. He helped me feed and seed the bald spot on my lawn and he always knows exactly how much rain we got. Thank you for a wonderful blog post. Every block needs a Bob.

  2. He sounds like such a great guy. We just moved but my old neighbours were of a similar mould – taught me how to mow my lawn, helped me out when they could, you could trust them to hold a spare key to your house in case of emergencies… the new ones seem ok too, I guess time will tell!

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