Balancing the edge.

IMG_4396 What keeps me on the right side of the edge?  Calms me when the apprehension of a new school year wrought with challenges starts gnawing away at me?  Helps me breathe more slowly and fully when I’m feeling worried, overwhelmed or frustrated with humanity?

Monkey Dog does all this for me.  If you’ve been reading my blog for long, this is no shocker.  She is my muse.  And her therapy abilities rival her monkey counter-surfing abilities, believe it or not.

Her office where this therapy takes place is in this little corner of my patio where I can listen to the sounds of the small song birds at my nearby feeder which hangs on my favorite tree, with her by my side.  Lucky for me, she requires no copay.

This is what keeps me from getting too close to the edge.

And why I am truly grateful.

Word Press Daily Prompt:  On the Edge.

14 thoughts on “Balancing the edge.

  1. You know I can relate. Where would we be without our furry therapists? Even when I’m having the worst day at work, I can think about my dog’s happy smile and start feeling better immediately. What a gift they are!

  2. Pets are great therapy. I think they are one of God’s best gifts to us…don’t really serve any other purpose but to bless us and make us happy! 🙂

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  7. Chaucer, aka “The Sauce,” is my drug of choice. He makes me smile every day. Pepper and Cleo aren’t bad seconds …

  8. A walk with Pippin always lifts my spirits (and heart rate) and reminds me that there is a big world beyond my computer screen.

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