Seven bad things from my Madrid trip.

IMG_3983Here we go.  The only seven ‘bad’ things about my trip to Madrid:IMG_4025

1. One pound gained from wine.  At least. Because I didn’t want to be rude and therefore was forced to participate in the Spanish tradition of five o’clock all the time.IMG_4013IMG_3980

2. One pound gained from ham, ham and more ham.  Same rationale.  Jambone everywhere –  legs of it hanging in bars and on racks everywhere.  See photo where gal is slicing it off of the leg on the rack connected to the counter.  I know my vegetarian friends are passing out right now, sorry.  It was damn good ham.

3. One pound gained from the dessert cart on my upgraded business class flights. Embarrassingly excessive amount of food and drink offered.  No excuse readily available.


4. One pound or so gained from official tapas including stuffed mushrooms, squid in its own ink sauce, you name it.  Again, I did not want to be rude. (Probably lost a few of you on that squid in ink thing too, but it was actually tasty.)


5. One pound gained from the yummy, soft white bread that was served with everything.  Couldn’t hurt any bread baker’s feelings.

6. One pound gained  from olives and peppers galore that usually came with beer which I’m sure had no calories at all. Sometimes the skewers were topped with big furry looking anchovies to boot.  (Sorry, now I’m just messing with my squeamish friends.)

7. I’m telling myself at least one pound gained in water weight from being in a plane for so many hours.

I must say, those were the best seven pounds I’ve ever gained and I would gain them all over again.  Life is altogether too short, as I am reminded often.

What were the best pounds you’ve ever gained?

ps: Check out the awesome clouds that rolled in and changed the sky background in the last photo, taken from the same spot as the first.IMG_3986

25 thoughts on “Seven bad things from my Madrid trip.

  1. Visit Madrid=Gain weight ..Yup, seems like a fair trade if you ask me.
    Yes, give me the ham and bread and I’ll be quite content..oh and some peppers, olives, wine..heck all of it 🙂

  2. Think of it as being 3.18 kilos. Easy to lose – one week and it’s gone 😀
    Man that fresh white bread and ham sure sounded goooood!

  3. Sounds like the best 7 pounds ever. I can’t imagine going there and saying, oh no, I can’t have that, I can’t have this. That would be so awful. Go for the gusto! Glad that you did.

  4. As long as you had fun, that is the most important part. I wish we could rather gain money instead of weight when we enjoy things like that. LOL!

  5. Great photos and a reminder that as explorer John Goddard used to say: “It’s ridiculous to tippy-toe through life.”

  6. Even though every morsel you’ve published on this post looks delectable to me, weight gain of any kind, unless it’s when someone of significance lies on top of me, is never pounds I ever feel good about now that I’m at the age where my metabolism moves Tai Chi-style. The sky photos are very cool.

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