Unfolding Cocoon

fountain muse

Unfolding Cocoon

Fresh start, new beginnings, rebirth,

Physical, mental, external.

Tuning the body,

Clearing the mind,

Prioritizing the other.

Focusing on peace and clarity,

As the cocoon unfolds, little by little.

Fresh start, new beginnings, rebirth.


And that’s my shot at today’s WordPress Daily Challenge on the theme of Starting Over.

What does starting over mean to you?

5 thoughts on “Unfolding Cocoon

  1. Lovely poetry and beautiful picture..

    I think for me I will rephrase it and say “starting anew”.. when I start over I begin in the same spot, so if I start anew I choose a different starting point and hope for different results..

  2. Starting over can be a big event or it can be moment by moment (which can be big in and of itself)–I guess it all depends on your frame of mind. I used to think I had to wait until some arbitrary starting over date, but that’s just silly. If I want to start over, I start NOW. And if I slide back to some old habit, I start over again, NOW. It’s a process.

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