Twice the gratitude. Gratitude experiment: Day 98

This post is from yesterday but I’m just now coming to from my tryptophan sugar coma. And it was well worth it.

I was blessed to get to spend the day back home with my family early in the day and Macgyver’s later in the day.

Family, tradition, and wonderful food made by someone else – pretty hard to beat and makes me feel ever so thankful.

Can’t help but always feel a little melancholy on this homecoming holiday as it makes me think of my sister. I only missed one Thanksgiving with her in my thirty years of life as her sibling.

I can remember greeting her with a hug in the hallway of my Dad’s house, around the corner from where I now sit and type. Like it was yesterday. We would usually compliment each other’s outfits and compare hair color, always striving to find that perfect brown formula to mask our identical red undertones just as our Mom did for years. Then I would kiss her on the forehead when we said goodbye (a tradition developed out of convenience as her ‘little’ sister who towered over her.)

Thankful for many things today. And for the memories of Thanksgivings past.

What memory are you thankful for today?

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