If I get one more political survey call… Gratitude Experiment: Day 77

Living in a household where an Independent resides – and in a swing state no less  – is making my phone ring off the wall. And it seems particularly unseemly given the devastation and loss being reported about Hurricane Sandy.  My heart goes out to all those affected by her wrath and the loss she has left in her wake.

As for the political calls, I’m somewhat of a political junkie, so I understand the reasoning and I play along much of the time. I try to speak up for my views as much as I can.

But this has gotten out of hand.  The robocalls are quite easy for me to hang up on. But as much as I grimace and tell myself I’m going to be curt when the next call rings, I still have a hard time being less than civil to the real humans who make those calls, even when it takes a moment for the clicks on the line to connect the call. I always think, What if it was me who was working that phone bank for minimum wage? That just sounds painful.  And then my sympathy gets the better of me.

This is unless they start spouting clearly one-sided, manipulative questions and tell me they are not affiliated with any party.  Don’t get me started.  They get really confused when you call them on it and the answer is not on their script, which I have to admit is a little fun. But I digress.

Tonight I have managed to be civil but brief to these callers.  I’m taking a deep breath and reminding myself that there are just a few more days of this. I am going to do my best to come out of the other side of this political cycle with both eyes in tact.

Godspeed to any of you living in a swing state with an Independent in the house.  I’m still grateful for my right to vote and for our right to have diverse views in our country.

More importantly, I’m grateful that my swing state hasn’t been affected by Hurricane Sandy.  And sad for all the loss and devastation that has taken place in the last several hours.

5 thoughts on “If I get one more political survey call… Gratitude Experiment: Day 77

  1. Yes, I felt that way, too, until my son worked for a group working for social justice and had to make calls. He spoke of what it was like being on the other end of that call. I am always more patient now knowing what he went through. I think, that’s a person who knows they are bothering you…

  2. That would drive me nutty! We have a thing here in Australia called the “do not call” register. If you are registered and people call (political or sellers) they can be fined. For some reason they always call during dinner time as well (which is doubly annoying).

  3. It’s all about the polling – seeing where the fluid, Independent vote is leaning. That helps the campaigns determine where to make last minute ad buys.

  4. As a registered Independent, I agree. I’m mystified by what the surveys are designed to accomplish at this late date. The candidates positions are established and have been communicated. What is the point of yet another survey? If someone knows, I’d be curious to hear the answer.

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