I’m no prude, but put your shirt on. Gratitude Experiment: Day 37

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, I live right by a beautiful state park. And I live in the number one state to make you feel like a lazy pathetic slug.  Seriously, the ninety-nine-year-olds run uphill marathons here. I’m doing good to take the stairs at a fast clip.

So every day when I drive through my neighborhood there are easily four dog walkers and two or three runners in my line of sight. Today, two men were running without their shirts on.  I had to do a double take in my rear view window on one of them because for a second I thought it was a woman running topless.

Now I have never been called a prude. And frankly, I’m known to occasionally blurt out some purely shocking and crude stuff just to mix things up. But come on guys, put your damn shirt on and leave your nipples for your girlfriend’s viewing pleasure. I don’t want to see them. Or anything else under your shirt, sorry.

Women don’t walk around without any pants on just because they don’t have an extra piece of equipment.  So why should you just because most of you don’t have boobs?

Even if you are some hot hunk or you have fabulously cut muscles, no thanks. I’m sure there are some circumstance where it might be okay in public like at the beach, but I find it pretty skeevy most of the time.  And it immediately makes me think you’re not very smart. And even if you’re just mowing your own lawn, it still makes you look like a tool.

And you know that saying about how women who leave a little to the imagination tend to be a little more classy? It applies to you too, jogging hairy boob chest man, sorry.

Today I am grateful that my handsome husband doesn’t jog, bike or mow without a shirt on and because the thought of doing so really doesn’t go through his mind at all.

11 thoughts on “I’m no prude, but put your shirt on. Gratitude Experiment: Day 37

  1. When I started reading this post it reminded me of when hubby took me for a walk up Mt Kosciusko. We were only supposed to go for a drive there and at the last minute he said – let’s just take a quick walk. I started walking and an old guy in a walking frame overtook me! I turned around and went back to the car 😀

    Jogging with no shirt on should be a criminal offence 🙂

    • So there with you on that. If I see funky toenails or toes wiggling or hear toes twitch I lose it. One time I had to sit on the front row of an airplane and the lady across the aisle walked her BARE feet (which she also went to the plane restroom in) all up and down the little partial wall in front of her seat (Sally Fields style in Smokey in the Bandit). I get faint just typing about it.

  2. Do you remember the Seinfeld episode where Kramer and Mr. Castanza came up with a man-bra and couldn’t decide what to call it? One suggested the “Bro” and another suggested the “Manzierre.”

    Man-boobs are not pleasant. Not pleasant at all… Funny post! 🙂

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