My husband thinks I’m cheating. Gratitude Experiment: Day 33

My husband thinks I’m cheating on him. With my blog, that is.  Not really, but I’m a tad paranoid about it.

It is my own little rabbit hole and on many occasions, he’s ready for us to leave to go somewhere or start a project (that was probably my idea in the first place) and here I sit, glued to my computer, blogging away. “Just one more minute,” I say. He’s learning (even better than he already knew) that a minute can easily become an hour.  It’s far too easy and enjoyable to sink far, far  into the blogosphere, through layer after layer of connections. Every day I seem to find a new blog that inspires me or one which shares a similar voice.  Which keeps me going.

This new universe of blogging really is like a great big cocktail party for networking and connecting. And instead of a business card, people are exchanging blog urls. My writing coach (for my other writing that I’m working on) used that analogy and it is the perfect way to explain how it works.

I’ve come across such interesting people who are wonderful writers in this blogging universe.  I am truly enjoying every minute of it. I’m also delighted that many are enjoying my blog and following. It’s a terrific cocktail party, one that I don’t even have to dress up to attend. For all of this, I am grateful.

5 thoughts on “My husband thinks I’m cheating. Gratitude Experiment: Day 33

  1. My husband jokes that he’s not sure whether buying me this iPad was a good idea or a bad idea. I finally told him recently that I’ve been blogging.

  2. I know what you mean about blogging taking up time and attention. I love it and it does take away from other things (and people) I should be attending to. But there is so much of value out here, isn’t there. I’m grateful for that, too. Especially since I spend my days alone. It’s my connection to the world–literally, to the world!

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