It Takes a Village. Gratitude Experiment: Day 17

Today I am grateful for all the support, follows and likes from so many wonderful people out there in this blogging universe.

I’m liking the blog world and discovering more about it each day.  It’s a great way to make connections on a new level.

The fact that I made a “public” proclamation of 100 days of gratitude blogging was genius.  I owe it to my subconscious mind which is much more upfront about what a procrastinator I am than my conscious self.  Because of this, I have to do it. No excuses. Love that.

Some days of blogging are harder than others and some days it all flows more easily, but all are enjoyable and more therapeutic than I would have ever imagined.

Thank you for reading and following!

One thought on “It Takes a Village. Gratitude Experiment: Day 17

  1. I love your blog. It is reminding me to practice gratitude which I like to think I did, but not as actively and conciously. For me I feel that unless it is done with concious effort it has not really been done in a way that changes my mental molecules for the better. Pretty painting!

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